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20 years of Airsealand S.A.

When we decided to undertake the task of establishing a company that confronted the way to keep making business at our professional level, we did it with the conviction that the Argentine market had evolved understanding that the service integration under the method “one-stop-shopping” was the way to go on, and feeling that who gave that service had to be acknowledged professionals. This is the way we established Airsealand S.A 20 years ago. Lot's of things have happened, Argentina has suffered multiple changes, however our development has been sustained in time in spite of all the rough and tumbles that we had to confront.

Several landmarks have been very significant for us, like when en 2002 decided to increase our central offices opening a business place on the street, or when at the 12 of April 2007 for the first time we certificated all our proceedings under the ISO 9000 or when we certificated ISO 9001:2008.

During that process, nothing would have been possible without the contribution of clients, shipping companies, airlines, directors, employees, and agents that form part of our wide area network. To all of them we only can say THANK YOU.

We commit to continue doing our work the same way until now, working to enforce sustained growth, even through adversity or instability situations, offering our acknowledgement in order to ease the tasks of our clients is our sense of being

Eduardo Mario Pereyra / President

Patricia María Calvert de Bohún / Director


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