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25 years of Airsealand S.A.

25 years ago we had a dream: to create a company under the concept, novel at that time, of one-stop-shopping; In other words, a company that offered all the services related to international logistics without the limitations of that time, such as, for example, specialization in some transport mode or type of goods or service, understanding the market as just one, capable of giving equal attention to competitors, customs brokers and all actors in the value chain, without distinction, guaranteeing the confidentiality of the information received, avoiding any conflict of interest.

Today that is a standard, at that time it was something new and we were pioneers in its implementation.

Years passed; We certify all our processes under ISO 9001: 2015 as Global Logistics Providers and Customs Brokers; we develop and implement our own Ethic & Compliance Code; and today we can proudly say that we are already one of the few companies that make up the exclusive group of 0.005% that exceed 20 years of existence, having managed to survive the ups and downs of Argentina.

The particular circumstances of the moment inhibit us from a proper celebration, but we have grown in difficulties, so we will also do it in this one.
It was possible to cover all this path thanks to the support of many people, but fundamentally, I must thank the person who accompanied me from the beginning of this adventure, my partner, Dra. Patricia Calvert de Bohun, who has dedicated all her capacity to the service of the company. Also, of course, to all our staff without whose support we would not have got here.

Simply thanks to everyone who made it possible.
Eduardo M. Pereyra


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