• Development

    AirSeaLand S.A. was founded the 1st of July in 1995, at Buenos Aires City, Argentina, with the aim of offering all Argentine forigen traders a solid and fast action answer to all the possible logistics of foreign trade.

    Our company has more than 30 years of experience in first line shipowners . Since the first day of it's creation AirSeaLand S.A. has set up the compromise to offer it's clients, - first line national and international company solutions to fit their logistical needs.

    Encouraged with this premise is what led us into being specialists, in container freight as well as in dangerous freights, liquid freights and break bulk.

  • Zona Franca S.A.

    Our company offers services related to duty free territory of La Plata, in order to make the most of the tax advantages and customs because of the operational reasons this zone provides.
    At our warehouse it's possible to put into storage all type of goods, including the ones considered “dangerous”, since it counts with all the entitlements required.


  • Líquid Freight

    Having in concern the specific needs of our clients we have developed a division totally dedicated to provide solutions regarding transportation and storage of liquid freights, whether in holding tanks or with flexible containers for sea transport of 20 std.  
    All of them fit for transportation of chemical products and/or foodstuffs.  
    We have the conditions to provide multi-modal services of transportation door to door, renting and/or sale.


  • Trucks Division

    Having in mind that all the foreign trade transactions have the need of trucks, we understood that it was possible to make the most of the synergies among the diverse services that our organization offers. For that reason we decided to offer our clients the possibility to contract this service through the same commercial structure pre- existent, what gives us advantage compared with those who must create a commercial structure exclusively to develop this business.  

    Referring to concepts we still are positioned as a “one-shop-stopping”, what means one place where you can contract every or each of the different services we offer for inland freight.  

    To continue with the philosophy that has distinguished our Group in the last ten years, we ensure a professional service that includes international traffic as in all its ways, as internal freight, inter-provincial, national transportation, general freight, palletized load, containers, special equipment, trailers, delivery vans. All fit for IMO freights and international ones, including the ratings to operate within the limits of MERCOSUR.  

    To achieve this we have bought trucks and semi-trailer rigs of the latest technology. With this, plus the equipment that we regularly hire to exclusive shippers we count on, we are positioned with the conditions of competitors in order to make full use of the equipment having the less wearing and operative costs. This situation allows us to move into the gross of the business world regarding to this sector, with the best costs of the market.